18-09-2023: The book of abstract, inclusive of the last minute changes is now available at this link.

15-09-2023: Selected photos of the Congress are available at at this link.

15-09-2023: Awards and motivations of the Physical Chemistry Division  presented at the Congress are available at at this link. Clicking on the pictures opens the motivation page.

29-08-2023: The list of flash presentations is available at this page.

25-08-2023: The book of abstracts is now available at this page.

20-08-2023: We regret that, due to family problems, Prof. Angiolina COMOTTI's plenary lecture has unfortunately been cancelled. The organising committee expresses its sympathy for Angiolina COMOTTI and thanks Prof. Danilo DINI of La Sapienza University (Rome), who has agreed to give a plenary lecture on the same topic (T3: Physical Chemistry of Energy Production and Storage) entitled: Hybrid Systems for the Conversion of Light into Electric Energy.

11-08-2023: Flash poster submission deadline has been  postponed to 21st of August. Details are available at this link.

04-08-2023: The infos and the leaflet of the public conference on  Clima ed energia: quali scelte per il futuro?  to be on show on Tuesday 05-09 at the Cavallerizza Reale is available at this link. The conference being open to the public will be delivered in Italian

28-07-2023: The scheduling of the program including posters is available at this link

19-07-2023: The Poster of the conference  is available for dowload at this link

14-07-2023: The conference program scheduling is available at this link. Please consider that registration desk is opening from 8:30 on Monday 4th of September and will stay open up to 17:00 each day to serve the participants.

Flash poster presentation are planned and instructions are available at this link.

The social dinner will be at the historical restaurant Esperia. Details at this link

23-06-2023: The conference will start on Monday 4th of September at 9:00 for the registration and will end up on 7th of September at 18:00.

Invited speakers talks are planned as describe at this link

27-04-2023: WARNING!: deadline for registration and abstract submission has been postponed to 10th of May 2023 at midnight. 

Registration is now officially closed

21-12-2022: One page advertisement to circulate to the scientific community.

07-12-2022: First circular of the Congress sent to the sci-list.