Guide to authors

Official language

Slides and posters should be written in English. For the maximum inclusivity,  English for all oral presentation is highly recommended, but not mandatory.

Oral contributions

The following times are associated with the different types of talk:

Plenary lecture: 45 minutes, 35 for presentation and 10 for discussion.

Keynote talk: 30 minutes, 25 for presentation and 5 for discussion.

Oral: 15 minutes, 10 for presentation and 5 for discussion.

Flash associated to poster: 3 minutes, 3 slides in PDF format only. Questions are postponed to the poster sessions. Please consider that a flash presentation does not substitute the poster session. In order to participate to the flash presentation you should follow the instructions at this link.

Poster session will include all topics in sessions extending the whole conference week during the coffee breaks.

Speakers presenting a speech are requested to arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of their oral session. Please do consider that the use of your own laptop is highly discouraged. Presentation file format includes .pptx and .pdf.

Authors are required to have a copy of their presentation on a USB drive to be able to upload it to the PC of the corresponding session

Poster contributions: Size: width, 80 cm; height, 100 cm. vertical (portrait) orientation.

Internet Wi-fi access

Participants can access the wi-fi infrastructure by using the personal  Eduroam account. Please check the service has been activated on your devices.